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New feature "Balance Transfer"
Published on 02-08-2017

Dear Users,

AutoStop4Clix introducing new feature "Balance Transfer" from one account to many account within AutoStop4Clix only. This feature will work as follows:

For example, user ABC has $50 in main balance and he want to transfer $30 to other 3 accounts lets say Account1, Account2 and Account3. Here user ABC can use this feature by simply creating support ticket to admin by saying 

"I want to transfer $30 to other 3 accounts as follows:
1. Account1: $5
2. Account2: $20
3. Account3: $5"

NOTE: 1. This feature is applicable within AutoStop4Clix only.
2. In mail user need to highlight account payers "username/email", and its must.

Hope you all take benefit of this feature! Enjoy Happy Earnings with AutoStop4Clix!

Admin AutoStop4Clix

Started AutoStop4ClixGrid Program
Published on 04-07-2017

Dear Members ,

We finally added AutoStop4ClixGrid and it is a new way to earn money and advertisers to get traffic to their sites.
Members can earn from $0.1 up to $2 if they win the maximum prize!

The price is only $10 per month but this might increase in the future, depending on the amount of users that will use it.

Best regards,
AutoStop4Clix Admin

Big Deposit Bonus
Published on 22-06-2017

Hello Members,

From today until the 20th June we are going to have a deposit bonus promo for all memberships.

Add more than $10 and get 10% bonus.
Add more than $20 and get 15% bonus.
Add more than $100 and get 30% bonus.
Add more than $1000 and get 50% bonus.

In order to get the deposit bonus, you need to open a ticket.
Happy earnings and enjoy it!

Best Regards,
AutoStop4Clix Admin